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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers concerning the HA program. If your question is not found here, please email the Residential Life Office or come into the office which can be found on the lower level of Guild..

1. How does Residential Life decide which HAs are place in which dorms?

On the HA application form you are asked to rank your dorm preferences. We take these preferences into consideration, but can not always meet them. We place HAs in dorms based on a number of different factors. One of the largest factors is how they will work with other HAs in a dorm and we try to create the best HA team for each dorm. While every year the personality of the dorms change depending on the residents, we do try to take into consideration the typical problems and qualities that we have seen in the each dorm and match those with the qualities of the selected HAs.

2. What happens if I am selected but I don't like where I am placed?

If you are selected and you do not like your placement you have the option of not taking the HA position. Since we do take so many different factors into account in our placement it would not be possible to change the placements once they are complete. We fully understand that there will be people who are not happy with their placements and we do not frown upon those who choose not to take the position because of that. If you choose not to take the position, we will not hold it against you if you decide to apply for the HA position the following year. We will always respect your decisions.

3. Are seniors given priority in where they are placed?

The only students who are given priority are returning HAs. Juniors are given the same level of priority as the seniors. By doing this, we can focus on creating good balanced teams for each dorm.

4. How much time is being an HA going to take?

After you have been selected as an HA we will have some training sessions in the Spring semester that are usually combined with the Customs Program. In August we have a week long HA Orientation that is very intense. Once Fall Semester begins you will have a weekly one hour meeting with your area group depending on which dorm you live in. The area group meeting will be at a time that fits with everyone's schedule. During the year we will have continued HA training sessions and a few fun HA outings. The biggest time commitment in being an HA is actually being in your room or on the hall. Making sure that you are available and visible on the hall is one of the major parts of being an HA. You should expect to be on your hall around 8-10 hours a week. Often times people will not need you every second, but it is very important that students feel as though their HA is around and engaged in the life of the hall.

5. Can I still be an HA if I'm not good at arts & crafts?

YES! We look for HA's of all talents, interests, personalities, and styles. The strength of the HA program comes from the diversity of the HA community. You do not have to be a particular type of person or like to do arts & crafts to be a great HA. We look for overall positive characteristics rather than the ability to make a dynamite door sign.