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I am writing to you with some personal insight on what it was like being an HA my junior year. Life itself does not get harder year to year but rather, the amount of things that pile up on your plate accumulate as you get older. Be prepared to spend many hours in meetings: you have your one-on-one and DLT meetings every month along with weekly area group meetings with fellow HA’s. It doesn’t sound like much, but with everything else going on, it can seem like you barely have free time during the week.
I have learned many things about myself and about others through my role. I have learned that you can’t change anyone else, but you can try to change your attitude in order to work well with others. I have not had many problems on my hall this year, but the one frustration I face is lack of cohesion on the hall. It is hard trying to get people who would rather be by themselves to come out and talk to people they would normally not talk to. However, you can only try your best and that’s all that matters at the end of the day. You may think to yourself later that you could have handled a situation better, but remember that you are only human.
This is your time to challenge yourself and learn quality social skills before you get out into the real world. You must really try to step out of your comfort zone when faced with situations, such as confrontation about an uncomfortable topic. Don’t let others sway you into feeling inadequate. Above all, be sure to remember to take care of yourself as well!
It is important to also remind yourself that you’re viewed as a pretty cool person on campus as an HA. Who could complain about someone who transmits information in an efficient way, is available to hear your problems and gives you snacks and candy from time to time? You’re pretty awesome and you should let yourself know that every once in a while ☺