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Amy '98


This is what I learned about myself and my job as an HA:

- I can set boundaries for myself and say "no" tactfully but firmly

- I can throw an awesome hall tea (ice cream works wonders!)

- I can greet people and start conversations, even with strangers

- Bubble letters aren't as hard as I always thought

- The big problems are usually the commonplace ones, the quiet hours and stealing food from the pantry.

- When there's a semi-crisis, things will often blow over MUCH faster than you think. Sleep on it.

- I needed to take time away from my hall and my studies every day.

- I could be myself i.e. serious and somtimes goofy, direct in confronting, and not always around, and do a great job. An HA does NOT have to be a mother figure.

- If I did it again, I'd be much more open about my lesbian identity much earlier on. It would have saved me lots of worry about who knew and who didn't, I've got to be myself to be happy!

- Counseling can be a great resource if you can find a counselor you like.

- Speak up in area group.

- I can talk about my feelings and problems much more openly now.

- I have confidence in my ability to handle a crisis situation.

- "It's not what you do, it's who you call". I made tons of phone calls and asked my frosh and other hall members to make their own calls when possible.

- The other HA's in Erdman were my greatest support - you all will be there for each other!

- Treating everyone consistently goes a long way.

- People can't be helped until they want the help.

- Maintaining a healthy distance with frosh is a good thing.

- Working closely with Customs People is great if you get along, try to build the relationship early on.

- Don't have too many expectations for the hall. It's unpredictable. Just keep your eyes and ears open and stay flexible. Ask about your hall's expectations of you as an HA and tell them your expectations of them. Don't be afraid to be firm - sweeten your words with ice cream.

-Finally, it takes time to build trusting relationships. The most important thing during your first few weeks is to get lots of support from the other HA's, friends, your area group, counseling, and wherever you feel comfortable! Good luck!