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Kelly '99

Being an HA during my junior year at Bryn Mawr was very personally rewarding.When I applied and then was accepted for the position I did not know that I would learn so much about myself. I saw being an HA as a very giving job that requires you to be attentive to the needs of a group of people in a community, but I did not expect that I would grow in my confidence or that I would become more comfortable in my role as a role-model on the hall. I was very surprised by the very different expectations people on the hall have for me. Some people want a friend and advisor while others just need to know that someone has a master key when they get locked out. Part of what I learned this year is that I can say no to those expectations which are too much for me, that I need to take care of myself before I can help others effectively, that I do have my limits and that I must respect them. Each HA has her own unique style that she needs to cultivate. One of the valuable parts of the HA experience was thinking about my style and how I could guide my hall and reflect hall members' desires. I believe that by settling into my own style of working with others that I have made the hall community stronger and more comfortable in being itself.