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Lindsay '04

Welcome to being a Hall Advisor!!! Being a Hall Advisor can be exhausting, rewarding, stressful, painful, exciting, and boring all within 24 hours! I think it's the only job I have found thus far that can offer all of those in such a short period of time. So I put together haikus for you to summarize my HA experience and words from the wise.

Being an HA
At time can be rewarding
Candy, smiles, hugs.

Open door when free
Close it quickly when busy
So work can get done

Email reminders
For dirty kitchens and such
Most people check it

If on a big hall
Rotate which bathroom you use
Brush teeth with new friends

Send a questionnaire
Seek Tea frequencies and type
Some have allergies

Make friends with the deans
Lots of resources to help
Don't be afraid of.

So I might not be great at poetry, but I think that sums up the key points. Also remember you aren't going to be everyone's favorite's impossible. Different halls have different needs and it's your responsibility to assess those needs. Don't take it personally if your hall doesn't thank you for goodies in front of their door, putting candy out, or even being there when they need you. Being an HA comes with little thanks and a lot of responsibility. You will also have a ton of fun!!! With the other HA's if not on your hall. Wishing you the best of luck!!!