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In this short essay I will take you through a beautiful journey of my life as a Hall Advisor. It all began when I was appointed to be HA at Radnor, my least favorite dorm (at that time). I wish I had known that being HA at Radnor wasn’t going to be as dramatic or as scary as I initially thought, I was convinced that my hall mates would knock on my door with questions and concerns every other day and perhaps I wouldn’t have answers to half of their problems. The take-home lesson here is that firstly, as HA, you don’t have to know the answer to everything and that is why you have a backbone community known as the residential life community that has the answers to most if not all questions and fun part is you can access at least one or two members 24/7. Secondly, different dorms/halls have different needs, as an HA, you will learn to evaluate those needs and act accordingly. Finally, my dad always says, hope for the best but be prepared for the worst and thus HA trainings are there to prepare you for worst-case scenarios.
My experience of being HA is truly magnificent. A lot of responsibility comes along but that's not a surprise when you are taking the lead. In the process of being a role model, I learned to balance between being HA and being Chemistry major by organizing my life is such a way that I am much more productive as well as efficient in allocating sufficient time to both areas. Also, I gained confidence in initiating conversations with strangers as well as forming a positive relation with most of my hall mates, this is always challenging because sometimes people either shy away or don’t care about creating new relations. However as HA, it is your responsibility to make the first move. Finally, I learned that I could make myself part of the Radnor community without trying so hard.
The best experience I have had so far is reading through my mid-HA evaluation; I was very impressed with the number of people who took the survey and the overall comments I received. It was truly a moment of joy to know that my hall mates like me and appreciate my work because this is not always the case as it is always hard please everyone at once. In addition to that, the “thank you” notes on my door always make my day too. Finally, my worst experience would be trying to reconnect with my hall mates after winter break. This gap is usually created because nobody is new to the community anymore and thus everyone can quickly jump into their busy schedules. However, I must say that a welcome back tea with pizza can surely fill the gap and burst the awkwardness bubble.