Residential Life

The mission of the Bryn Mawr College Residential Life Office is to collaborate with students to create and sustain a safe, engaging and lively residential community grounded in mutual respect, personal integrity, inclusivity and the spirit of self-governance through the social and academic honor code.

In accordance with the institution's mission, we cultivate supportive communities because we recognize that such environments foster a healthy and integrated undergraduate experience.

The opportunity for students to live and learn together is an integral part of the Bryn Mawr educational experience.   As a residential college, students are expected to live in campus housing and participate fully in the College meal plan for all four years. 

In an effort to both balance enrollment trends, as well as to provide a more independent living option for students, the College offers a limited number of releases from the College housing requirement each year as part of the student organized spring housing lottery process. Students who are interested in living off campus must apply to do so as part of this process.  A certain number of students (typically seniors) are approved to live off campus through the off campus housing lottery process, coordinated through the student Residence Council and Residential Life office.

It is very important that students keep in mind that signing a rental agreement with a landlord prior to being approved through the formal application process does not guarantee that a student will be approved to live off campus.  Any agreement that a student signs poses financial and legal risks which are the responsibility of the student and/or parents/guardians who signed the agreement.

Residence halls at Bryn Mawr provide simple, comfortable living spaces that promote full participation in the life of the College community and encourage individual growth. Because students have committed themselves to the Social Honor Code, the College expects students to respect one another, College and personal property, and the standards by which the halls are governed. Policies and procedures for the halls are set in consultation with the Residence Council, the Self-Government Association and the elected hall officers. 

All students residing at Bryn Mawr are expected to be familiar with our policies.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!