Moving In - Fall 2013

No student will be allowed to return to their dorm room early, unless they are a part of an early return College program. If you have questions about when to move in, call the Residential Life Office at 610-526-7331.

Frosh - Customs Week begins Wednesday, August 28

  • The dorms open at 9am Wednesday, August 28 for Frosh to move in.
  • When arriving at campus, go straight to your residence hall.
  • Read the welcome letter from the Director of Residential Life.


  • Dorms will open for Upperclasswomen on Friday, August 30 at 9am. Student rooms will not be accessible until the dorms reopen.  There will be a $100 per day fine for anyone in illegal residence before this time.
  • The meal plan resumes with dinner on Sunday, September 1. 
  • Classes begin Tuesday, September 3.
  • Students who require housing before the dorms open must request an early return from the Office of Residential Life.  Check the Residential Life website for further information regarding early return.


  • You should pick up your keys and new one cards on the day you move into the dorms.
  • Keys and one cards will be distributed by Facilities Services at the Ward Building.  In order to avoid a replacement charge, you must turn in your old one card when you pick up your new one. Facilities will be open 8:30am - 5pm Friday, August 30, Saturday, August 31, and Sunday, September 1.  Facilities will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, September 2..
  • If you are moving in when Facilities is closed, your keys may be picked up at Campus Safety which is open 24/7.

Shipping Boxes

When shipping boxes to the College, use the following mailing address:

Bryn Mawr College

101 North Merion Avenue


Bryn Mawr, PA 19010


*Use your Bryn Mawr College mailbox number. New students will receive their College mailbox number in the same email as their housing information.

When shipping boxes, please keep in mind that the Bryn Mawr mail room is limited in size and it is not easy to keep boxes for a long period of time.  Please arrange for your boxes to arrive at the same time you do, so that you can pick them up from the mail room quickly.