New Students

First year students, transfer students, and guest students should fill out a New Student Housing Form no later than June 1.  This form is available on the Welcome page. Your housing and roommate assignment will be mailed to your Bryn Mawr College email address in the first week of August.

Welcome Bryn Mawr New Students!

Congratulations and welcome to Bryn Mawr! As many Mawrters will attest, one of the most exciting and memorable aspects of the Bryn Mawr College experience is the opportunity to get to know and live with other students in the residence halls. Our goal is to support the educational mission of the College by creating living communities that celebrate diversity, foster respect, facilitate leadership development, and provide a wide variety of experiences and activities. Through the variety of programs, resources and services offered here, we hope to nurture your development as a well-rounded individual, capable of balancing your individual rights with a responsibility to the greater community.

We are very proud that our halls are unique and special places not only due to their physcial design, but also because of the life-changing experiences of students who live in them. Your arrival on campus in a few short months will mark the beginning of another exciting chapter in your life. We are looking forward to being a meaningful part of your college experience. Since you are probably both excited and anxious about your first year at Bryn mawr, we've put together some information and links to help answer some of students' most frequently asked questions. We encourage you to browse through the entire Residential Life webpage for more information.