Dorm Life

All of our dorms have a common living room on the 1st floor which includes a piano, couches, chairs, tables, a TV with satellite, VCR and DVD. We do not offer cable hook ups in the individual dorm rooms. Most of the dorms have additional lounges with couches and often books and games. All of the dorms have coin operated vending machines for both soda and snacks. Dorms will either have one laundry room with several washers and dryers or a single washer and a single dryer on individual halls. All washers and dryers are not coin operated. The dorms and individual rooms are not air conditioned.

We take great pride in our unique dorms. Each dorm is slightly different from the next in terms of personality, accommodations, room size, style and in many more ways that you will shortly learn about!

Who are the people in my dorm?

Each dorm has a number of students who serve as dorm officers. In all of the dorms there will be at least 2 Hall Advisors(HAs), 2 or more pairs of Customspeople, 1 Dorm President, and a couple of Sophomore, Junior and Senior Representatives. The Dorm Presidents, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Representatives are elected positions while the Customs People and Hall Advisors are appointed by the Dean's Office and the Office of Residential Life, respectively. Also living in some residence halls are Community Diversity Assistants(CDAs) and peer mentors..

What do these people do in the dorm?

Hall Advisors

  • HAs (Hall Advisors) are responsible to a specific group of residents, usually on a particular floor
  • Provides information abut the College and its services
  • Works with individuals to promote a positive community on the hall
  • Plans many different hall events and activities throughout the year
  • Click here for more information about Hall Advisors

Customs People

  • Customspeople work in pairs on a particular hall. You will be placed in a "Customs Group" which will include the other frosh on the hall and will be led by your Customs People who will also live on your hall.
  • Help new students make the transistion to Bryn Mawr
  • Serve as a helper, resource person, role model and friend to new students for the entire year

Dorm Presidents

  • Host dorms meetings, including the first hall meeting
  • Handle party forms and common area reservations
  • Oversee dorm funds
  • Help plan activities and parties for the dorm
  • Represent the dorm at Residence Council which works on issues such as Facilities and Housekeeping concerns, posting policy, room changes and organizes campus events such as the Trick or Treat Party.

Sophomore, Junior and Senior Representatives

  • Direct all Traditions for their dorms including WTF week and May Day

Community Diversity Assistants

  • Develop programming for residence halls regarding issues of multiculturalism and diversity.
  • Assist peers with concerns related to multiculturalism and diversity.

Peer Mentors

  • Plan, publicize, and offer workshops on study skills for first year students.
  • Serve as a general academic resource for new students in the dorms.
  • Assist new students with time and stress management strategies.
  • Offer assistance to new students with general course planning, selection, and registration..