Hall Advisors and Customspeople

When you arrive in the fall, some of the first people you will meet will be your Hall Advisor and your Customspeople. Customspeople are the leaders of your Customs Group. They are usually sophomores. HAs serve as a resource for all members of the hall community and are juniors or seniors.

General Advice from Customs People and Hall Advisors

Yuliya, Customs: Bring rain boots and an umbrella! I forgot mine, and during customs week, I was soaked!

Courtney, Customs: Getting involved in anything you want is very easy, even for shy people. Do not be afraid to go to club meetings or anything else that interests you. The seasoned members are extremely welcoming!!!

Amanda, HA: Everyone is just as nervous as you are (honest!) and you've got time to work your class schedule out so don't stress!

Dena, HA: Try to pack less than you imagine, for your dorm room, because stuff has a tendency to accumulate over the next four years!

Tamara, HA: Be prepared to work hard, but also to have fun. College isn't all about studying or partying, it's about finding a healthy mix of work and play to keep yourself from going crazy! :) Also, it's ok not to be "friends" with everyone in your Customs group. The group experience is just a starting point for your future relationships at Bryn Mawr.

Eleanore, Customs: I'd say the most important thing for a freshman to know before coming to Bryn Mawr is that this year won't be easy - and that's not a bad thing! College life is a lot different from life before it, no matter what a person has done, so being aware that change will happen in your life is important. There will be plenty of challenges, but plenty of fun things to help balance things out.

Amanda, Customs: Compromise is key. Being a frosh at BMC, you’ll have roommate(s), probably for the first time. A happy double, triple, or quad, depends on each roommate’s ability to compromise and be patient. One thing I would definitely recommend is to wait until everyone arrives before unpacking. It helps a lot to start out on the right foot. Also, I would say that for arriving at college in general, especially somewhere as diverse as Bryn Mawr, respect is imperative.

Louisa, Customs: You deserve to be here. Despite the seemingly-high acceptance rate, remember that there's already a select group of people that apply to women's colleges. Everyone feels overwhelmed or undeserving or out of their depth. Believe me, you have earned your acceptance.

Allison, Customs: It isn't all easy, but never let yourself think that you are in it alone. One of the best things about going to Bryn Mawr is that your resources are endless. Between your customs people and group, your Dean, your HA and all the other people around you, there is always help and support, take advantage of it. When you do, all of the tough moments will be so overpowered by the amazing ones.

Steph, HA: Keep an open mind! If you embrace difference and make an effort to learn, you'll be successful and happy at Bryn Mawr.