Important Info

When will I receive my housing assignment?

You will receive your assignment at the beginning of August. This information will include the dorm and room number, phone number and name(s) of your roommates(s). We encourage you to get in touch with your roommate(s) before arriving on campus. More than 95% of new students live in doubles, triples, or quadruple rooms.

What bank should I use? Should I have an account near Bryn Mawr?

The College does not endorse a particular bank, but we do have one ATM on campus that is a TD Bank ATM. This ATM is located in the basement of the Campus Center near the Bookstore. The following is a list of banks that are in the area; Bryn Mawr Trust, Wells Fargo, Citizens Bank, TD Bank, Bank of America, Sovereign Bank, and PNC Bank . Most students find it very convenient to have a local bank and it may reduce the amount of finance charges you incur from ATMs. Also, if you plan to hold a job on campus you must use direct deposit for your paychecks which will often require an account at a local bank.

Do I have to use the campus phone system?

No. The College does not provide telephone service to the student dorm rooms unless they are specifically requested through the Help Desk at Canaday Library.  If you request telephone service, you will need to provide your own telephone.

What should I bring?

While this is not an exhaustive list, you should plan to bring the following items: a lamp, extra long bed linens, pillow, wastebasket, towels, fan, umbrella, and flashlight. We encourage you to wait to purchase "shared" items (i.e. printers, etc.) until after you've had a chance to talk with your roommate(s)  We also recommend that each student bring a few rolls of paper towels for cleaning as these are not provided in the dorms.. 

What size sheets should I buy?

The vast majority of our beds are extra-long and measure 39 x 79 inches.  We encourage everyone to bring extra long linens. If you end up with one of the few regular twin mattresses, you can just tuck in the sheets a little further.  Bryn Mawr contracts with OCM, On Campus Marketing to provide a convenient resource for purchasing linens, however you may buy linens anywhere you chose.

What furnishings will I have?

Each student is given a bed (single or bunked), desk, chair, bookcase or shelves, and a dresser or drawers built into the bed.    All rooms have an overhead light, window blinds or shades, mirror, and a closet or wardrobe for each resident.  Please note that all College provided furnishings must remain in the room and that furnishings may not be exchanged.

What about TVs?

Each dorm has a TV/DVD player in the living room which is hooked up to a satelite dish.  There is no cable or satellite access in any individual dorm rooms on campus.

Can I bring a microwave?


Does the College offer a rental plan for refrigerators?


Can I bring my own furniture?

Due to extremely limited storage space and the wear and tear of moving furniture, the College won't permit you to remove furniture from your room. While some rooms are large enough to accommodate additional types of furniture, it would be better to wait until after you've arrived to make that decision.

What about carpeting?

Each hall is unique; therefore, some rooms are carpeted and some are not. The vast majority of our rooms are hardwood floors with no carpeting. If your room is carpeted, you will have access to a vacuum for cleaning. You should wait until you see your room before deciding whether or not you will require additional carpeting or an area rug.

Are there laundry machines in the halls?

Yes. Each dorm has its own laundry facilities. The cost for laundry is incorporated into your fees, so the machines are not coin operated.

Is there summer storage?

Due to limited space on campus, the College is unable to offer summer storage to students.  However students may choose to contract directly with, a local company that can meet a student's summer storage needs for a fee.  Check our off campus storage webpage for more information about storage.

Do I have to eat in a specific dining hall?

Since you are living on campus, you are required to participate a meal plan, which means that you can eat in any of our dining halls. You can also purchase food at the Uncommon Grounds cafe in the Campus Center, or buy snacks at the bookstore, also located in the Campus Center. Check out the Dining Services website for more information.

What kinds of stores are available in the area?

There are a number of opportunities for shopping in and around the Bryn Mawr area. The town of Bryn Mawr hosts a number of specialty shops, along with hardware stores, boutiques, restaurants, Rite Aid and CVS drugstores, and a Staples for office and school supplies.  If you are looking to decorate your room there is a Bed Bath & Beyond in both nearby Radnor and Wynnewood. The Plymouth Meeting Metroplex shopping center houses Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble, and Lowes. Nearby this shopping complex is Ikea, as well as Michaels and the Home Depot . Bryn Mawr College is a short, 20-minute drive away from the King of Prussia Mall, the largest mall on the east coast.