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Room Change Policy

The Room Change process will begin the first week of October.

Please note: Room change forms are only available in the Residential Life Office, located on the lower level of Guild Hall. Forms are due at Residential Life on Tuesdays by 5pm for the following Thursday night Residence Council meeting.

Policies involving residential life issues are determined by the joint action of the administrative office of Residential Life and the elected Residence Council. The Room Change Policy has been established to clarify the procedures for applying for a room change.

Room changes are viewed as a last resort in a process of students working together to try to learn to live together. When a student draws or is assigned a room, it is meant to be hers for the entire school year. Students are expected to do their best to make a success of their housing assignments. We encourage the resolution of problems or difficult situations through consultation with resource people in the halls and on campus in accordance with the principles of the Social Honor Code. Students must have demonstrated this effort before applying for a room change.

Housing Circumstances

I. Emergencies

In an emergency, such as a major leak, call Facilities Services at 610-526-7930 to arrange for an immediate repair. If the emergency occurs after hours or on weekends, call Public Safety at 610-526-7911. They will contact the Facilities Services person-on-call. If Facilities Services determines that your room is uninhabitable, or if you have an injury that prevents you from reaching your room, call the Residential Life Office at 610-526-7331 to arrange for temporary housing. If temporary housing becomes necessary after hours or on a weekend, a student may stay in the Health Center.

II. Situations Involving Roommates

At the first sign of trouble with a roommate or a hallmate, talk directly with the person(s) involved (as in the spirit of the Honor Code). If you do not feel that your discussions with the person have effectively resolved the problem, consult the resource people in your dorm. Customs People and Hall Advisors can be helpful and should be consulted before applying for a room change. You are encouraged to ask the person with whom you are having difficulties to speak with a resource person as well.  Roommates may also schedule an appointment to talk together with a counselor at the Health Center or may want to consider talking together with a Dean.

If repeated attempts to resolve the problem do not help, and you would like to request a room change, see the Residential Life Office for a Room Change Application. Please note: room changes will most likely NOT be granted to those who have not taken meaningful steps to try and resolve issues before applying for a room change. In addition, room changes are not automatically approved, and are limited by room availability.

III. Other Situations

Problems pertaining to room size, noise, or to a room's proximity to a bathroom, exit, stairwell, tea pantry, common area, friends or laundry room are not sufficient reasons for a change, particularly if that student has chosen that room during the housing lottery. It is the responsibility of the student or her proxy to investigate all the options in choosing a room. The Room Draw system is designed to maximize individual choice for students. It is the responsibility of the student to consult the resource people available to her to generate solutions to her concerns.

Application Process

  • All roommates should complete and return the Room Change application and any relevant supporting materials to the Residential Life Office.
  • Prior to applying for a room change, roommates are responsible for determining which student will move if a room change is approved. In extenuating circumstances (e.g. occupancy constraints, emergency situations), Residence Council reserves the right to determine which resident will relocate.
  • Each roommate should write her own individual statement regarding the room change application and submit it via email to or in a sealed, signed envelope to the Residential Life Office along with the application form.  Please be assured that your Room Change Application, statements, and all other support materials (mediation agreement, roommate contract, resource person recommendations, etc.) will remain confidential.
  • Room change applications are reviewed on a weekly basis with meetings on Thursday evenings (generally after 8pm ). Applications along with all personal statements must be submitted by Tuesday at 5pm to be considered for the Thursday meeting that week. Each request will be reviewed by the Special Cases Committee of Residence Council, which consists of the Co-Heads of Residence Council, selected members of Residence Council (Dorm Presidents), and the Director of Residential Life. All roommates will be notified by email on Wednesday afternoon by 5pm of the date, time and location of the room change meeting. Residence Council will begin reading applications during the first week of October.
  • A room change request meeting will last generally no more than 10-20 minutes. Roommates will be interviewed individually but may bring along a support person of their choice. We also ask that a copy of the original roommate contract be brought to the meeting. It is very important that all roommates make every effort to attend the meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting, please contact the Director of Residential Life.
  • In most circumstances, roommates will receive notification of the committee's decision regarding the applicant's room change via email the following afternoon by 5pm.
  • If a room change is approved, the student is responsible for moving her own belongings in a timely manner (generally one week) to the approved room. Room assignments are made by the Special Cases Committee. Please note: a room change will also require changing your telephone and computer ethernet connections.
  • If a room change is not approved, the Committee will include a rationale for their decision, as well as suggestions for additional courses of action.


There is a $30 room change application fee that will be divided and charged equally among roommates unless otherwise indicated on the application. This charge will be posted to Student Accounts only when a room change is approved.


Room change decisions are expected to be binding. If a room change is not approved, the student is expected to utilize the suggestions of the Committee toward finding a resolution. Students who have demonstrated a continued commitment toward resolving ongoing differences may ask to have the case re-evaluated at a later time (generally at least two-three weeks following the initial meeting).

If you have any questions concerning this process, please contact the Residence Council co-heads or Residential Life at