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Guidelines for Bryn Mawr Students Living at Mermont Plaza Apartments


•The apartments are located in Mermont Plaza, at the corner of Merion Avenue and Montgomery Avenue.  While this is a commercial building, students are still expected to abide by the Bryn Mawr Honor Code and College policies.  For example, NO PETS will be permitted in the apartments that Bryn Mawr leases.

•Each apartment available is a one or two bedroom that will be occupied by 2 students. (You cannot draw into the apartment by yourself)

•The cost for the apartment is the same as living on campus in the dorms and will be billed by the College Controller’s office.  You will be removed from the meal plan, but you can arrange to purchase a meal plan option directly with Dining Services.

•Since it is a commercial building, students who occupy the apartments are expected to abide by a 10:00pm Quiet Hour policy, seven days a week.  *Complaints/violations received by the College from Mermont Plaza may result in immediate eviction from Mermont Plaza without any obligation for the College to provide on campus housing to the students who have been evicted.

•The College will provide BASIC furnishings, such as beds, desks, dressers, a living room sofa and small kitchen table and chairs (if floor space permits).  All other apartment furnishings (including kitchen furnishings, such as dishes, utensils, pots and pans, etc.) will need to be provided by the students.

•Per the College agreement with the township and Mermont Plaza, students will NOT be permitted to park on site at the apartment building.  However, the building is within easy walking distance to campus and you would still be eligible to apply for a campus parking permit through Public Safety.

•Students will follow the same schedule for move-in and move-out during the year as if living in the dorms, except that students may occupy the apartments over winter break at no extra charge.

•Students who want to have telephone, internet, and/or cable tv are responsible for arranging and paying for these services through the local cable and phone providers.

•Each apartment includes a washer and dryer.

•Students will use the College mailboxes for mail and package delivery.

•Students will pick up and return keys to apartments from Facilities Services located in the Ward Building.

•Students will file maintenance requests and lock outs with Mermont Plaza, not Bryn Mawr College.

•Students may decorate the apartments, but are NOT permitted to paint the walls, and will assume financial responsibility for any damages incurred to the College by Mermont Plaza.

•Students are responsible for all trash and recycling guidelines established for the building.  All boxes and move-in trash must be taken directly to dumpsters located at the rear of the building.  Regular trash is to be deposited in the trash room located on each floor of the building.

Please be aware that students are expected to occupy the apartments for the entire academic year and may not move back "on campus" during the year.  Any vacancies that might occur are expected to be filled by the remaining student in the apartment.

Additional information about Mermont Plaza, including floorplans can be found at: