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Introduction to Room Draw

Residence in College housing is required of all undergraduates with the exception of those who live with their families in the vicinity and those who have received permission from the College to live off campus.  In the latter instance, it is the responsibility of students to obtain permission from their parents.

What is Room Draw?

Room Draw is a housing lottery in which returning students select their dorm and room for the following year.  The goal of the Room Draw process is to assign every student a room in a fair manner.  Consequently, Room Draw outcomes are determined by:

  • the availability of spaces

  • the demand for each of the housing choices

  • class sizes

  • the assignment of a random, computer-generated priority number to each student

Room Draw Overview

Every student is assigned a priority number which is valid for the entire year.  Students will select dorms and rooms according to class year and priority number.  You will participate in one of the housing draws to select a dorm, then again in room selection to select a room in that dorm.  In all draws, those who will be seniors draw first according to their priority numbers, then rising juniors, and finally rising sophomores.  Please note, single rooms are not guaranteed! 

Rising sophomores are strongly encouraged to consider possible roommates in case you receive a priority number in the lower half of your class.  Please plan carefully as the room you draw is your housing assignment for the entire academic year! 


Class quotas are used to determine the number of spaces in each dorm to be offered to members of each class.  The purpose of the class quota system is to assure an equitable distribution of classes within each dorm to avoid “senior” dorms.  The class quotas for each dorm are determined by Residential Life.  Rooms that are drawn as part of Hall Group Draw and Multiple Occupancy Draw are not subject to class quotas. 

A Step-by-Step Guide

All necessary forms are available on the Residential Life Room Draw webpage.  Deadlines are listed on the Room Draw Calendar. If you have questions concerning the dates when forms must be submitted, refer to the calendar or contact the Residential Life office in Guild.


  • Class lists are posted online prior to Room Draw.  Check to make certain your name appears in the correct class year
  • Any student believing she is listed incorrectly should consult her dean.
  • Residential Life must receive email notification of any change of class year from the student's Dean prior to the end of housing sign-ups.



  • All students (except McBrides) must submit a Housing Agreement form during Housing Sign-ups to let the College know your intentions for housing the following year. This includes those students going abroad, those applying to Batten House, students such as Hall Advisors who are assigned housing as part of their employment, and students living off campus.
  • Any student unable to sign up or to attend a draw should appoint a proxy to act on that student's behalf..
  • A student's (or proxy's) failure to sign up or to appear at the draws will result in the student's name being placed at the bottom of the class priority list.
  • Click here for more information on housing sign-ups, applying to Batten House, Enid Cook Center, Hall Groups, Multiple Occupancy rooms, and the Tri-Co Exchange.



  • Class lists with randomly assigned, computer-generated priority numbers will be posted on the Room Draw website.  Check your priority number

  • Every student is assigned a priority number which is valid for the entire year. This is important for those going JYA for fall because we use these same priority numbers when assigning housing to students in January.


In all draws, those who will be seniors draw first according to their priority numbers, then rising juniors, and finally rising sophomores.  


  • All students who draw into a dorm on the Bryn Mawr campus must attend Room Selection at the dorm which they selected in order to choose individual rooms and elect dorm presidents.
  • Students drawing into hall groups must also attend to select their individual rooms within their hall group.
  • All students with previously assigned rooms are also expected to attend to meet their new dorm mates and to participate in elections.
  • Current residents are asked to post information about their rooms on their door, especially if they are unable to be present on the evening of Room Selection.


  • Students who do not draw their preferred dorm or room may participate in Room Trade.
  • Students are responsible for trying to trade their rooms; room trades are not guaranteed.
  • Rooms may be traded only with Bryn Mawr students of the same class so quotas are maintained.
  • Rooms may be traded only for like rooms; i.e. spaces in suites cannot be traded for singles.
  • All trades must be documented on Room Trade Forms and approved by Residence Council.
  • Any trade planned before rooms are drawn or made outside the trade system will not be approved.
  • Notices about room trade possibilities may be posted on the Room Draw website