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Dorm Room Decoration Ideas

Many students work to create a personal space in their dorm room, so that they have a place they can call home.  Included on this page are a number of images with examples of how students have created warm, inviting spaces, while remaining in compliance with all Residential Life policies.  There are ways to bring color into a room without painting the walls, and ways to hang photos, artwork, fabrics, and bulletin boards, without damaging the surfaces.  When you have an opportunity to decorate your Bryn Mawr dorm room, making responsible choices and planning ahead of time will save you costly room repair charges at the end of the year.

Denbigh Windows

Drapes and curtain rods can be hung with removable Command hooks.


Rhoads Prayer Space

Students can create separate areas in their rooms, as this student in Rhoads has done to provide a space for daily prayer and meditation.


Rock Bed and Fireplace

Some rooms have traditional (non-working) fireplaces, like this one in Rockefeller.


Rock Windows

Curtains, pillows, and strings of electric lights are popular ways to bring color and personality to a dorm space.


Radnor Bed

Additional lamps and a sheet used as a curtain help give this Radnor room a sense of home.


Denbigh Beds

Dividing this Denbigh double into separate sleeping and study areas gives each resident their own space.


Rhoads Bed

Draping fabrics is an easy way to bring a wide range of color and textures into a dorm room.


Erdman Bed

Command hooks and adhesives make it possible to create collages, or even hang picture frames, without damaging surfaces.


Erdman Window Seat

Many Bryn Mawr students use their College lanterns as a part of their dorm room decoration.


Pem East Fireplace

Each resident student has an opportunity to take their dorm room space and create an environment in which they feel comfortable.  Before deciding how you will decorate your room, you should become familiar with all policies, to avoid damage charges after you move out.