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Dorm Room Storage Solutions

One of the most common challenges facing all students residing on a college campus is the ability to fit all one's belongings (books, clothes, luggage, etc.) into the limited space of a dorm room. Included in this page are pictures of ways that current Bryn Mawr students have solved this problem.

Haffner Closet

Hanging shelves and plastic drawers create extra storage space for clothes and shoes inside the closet.  Command hooks can be used to hang purses, jewelry, and belts from doors and walls.


Rhoads Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards can also be fixed to the wall with Command brackets, which leave no damage when removed.


Bed Frame Jewelry Rack

This Denbigh resident decided to take apart the bed and move the mattress to the windowseat to create more floor space.  As all College furniture must remain in the room throughout the duration of the year, this student decided to use the bed springs as a jewelry rack.


Rhoads Closet

The closet of this single in Rhoads features the cost-effective use of cardboard boxes to create additional storage space on the closet shelf.


Bed Storage

In the same room, the student uses bed risers to generate additional space underneath the bed, providing enough room for several plastic storage bins.  Some rooms have captains beds which have drawers underneath the bed for storage.


Cloth Bins

These coordinated cloth bins, as seen in a single in Merion, create organized storage at the foot of the bed.


Erdman Window Seat Storage

In Erdman, there is enough room under the window seat (in box-style rooms and suites) for additional storage.


Erdman Closet

Erdman also features spacious closets, with shelves for additional storage. Additionally, each pair of Erdman singles shares an exterior closet in the hallway, which provides ample secured storage space.