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Dorm Room Sleeping Spaces

One of the most important functions of a dorm room is to provide a space for sleeping and relaxing.  Here are a few ways students have created comfortable spaces, where they can rest and rejuvenate.

Denbigh Bed

Some beds are captain's beds, like this one in Denbigh. Under the mattress, there are four large drawers that serve as the dresser for the room and do not take up additional floor space.


Rhoads Bed

College beds are made more comfortable by the use of extra pillows.  In some cases, students choose to use "egg crate" or "memory" foam mattress pads. The vast majority of Bryn Mawr College beds are sized twin extra-long.


Rhoads Bunk Beds

In some rooms, beds are bunked to conserve open floor space.  If you are placed in a room with bunked beds and you would prefer them to be separated (if there is enough space in the room to do so), our Facilities department will be happy to un-bunk the beds for you.  Likewise, if you are in a room with multiple beds that you would like to have bunked, we will do the work at your request.


Pem East Bed

Almost every Bryn Mawr College dorm room is unique in shape and size.  The furniture in your room has been chosen to provide the best use of the available space.


Denbigh Bed

Some rooms, like the middle room of this triple in Denbigh, have enough room on the window seat to accommodate a mattress.  In this case, the student has taken the mattress off the bed frame and placed it on the window seat.  The remaining pieces of the frame must be stored in the room throughout the rest of the year.


Merion Bed

Fabric hung from the ceiling helps separate the bed from the remainder of the room in this single in Merion.  Fabrics and other wall hangings can be fixed to surfaces with Command hooks, which do not damage paint or walls when removed properly.


Rhoads Bed

This student has enhanced the sleeping space in Rhoads with personalized fabrics and coordinated lighting.