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Dorm Room Study Spaces

Many students see their dorm rooms as one of the primary places in which to study. Bryn Mawr provides each resident student with a desk, chair, and bookshelf.  Below are a few examples of study spaces created in the Bryn Mawr dorms.

Pem West Desk

This desk and bookshelf fit into a side nook in a Pem West triple.


Rhoads Desk

In Rhoads North, a student adds color by draping the desk with fabric. There are public computer labs on campus, which provide computers and printers for student use. For students who choose to bring their own computers, laptops are a popular choice, along with compact printers, as there isn't a lot of space in any dorm room for bulky electronics.


Brecon Study Area

Some students bring or make cushions for the wooden desk chairs.  In this Brecon single, there is enough free space for the student's extra chair.


Denbigh Desk

All rooms have overhead lights, but most students bring additional lamps, as seen at this desk area in Denbigh.


Merion Desk

Some desks have bookshelf storage built into the side, as shown in this desk in Merion.


Brecon Desk

This desk in Brecon incorporates many of the common elements of a Bryn Mawr study area: an added seat cushion, additional light, and personal pictures and posters.


Brecon Desk

Although walls cannot be painted, this student has draped fabric to add color to the study space.  Fabrics can be hung from walls or ceilings with Command hooks that do not damage the surfaces when removed.