The Russian Language Flagship

Bryn Mawr College

The Russian Language Flagship at Bryn Mawr College was created under the auspices of the National Security Education Program (NSEP)/National Flagship Language Program (NFLP) to address the critical need for U.S. professionals to use Russian at the highest levels of functional proficiency. The ultimate goal of the program is for all students to reach the "superior level" (ILR level 3) of proficiency in Russian according to ACTFL proficiency guidelines.

The program is open to all undergraduates of Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges, particularly those committed to attaining professional level language proficiency through an intensive language training program tailored to their professional interests and academic specialization.

The nationally recognized Language Flagship brings with it the possibility of financial support for intensive domestic (summer) and overseas study.  Program graduates are highly sought after by non-government and government organizations, as well as international corporations and professional firms.

Information on our Flagship courses and how to apply to the program can be found below. If you have questions about Bryn Mawr's Flagship program, please contact Tim Harte, Co-Director of the Language Flagship at Bryn Mawr, More information on the Russian Flagship programs can be found at:

The Language Flagship Track

Undergraduates who are currently enrolled at Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges and join the Language Flagship track are not required to major in Russian, although many choose to major or to double major in Russian and another content area (math, science, history, literature, etc.). 

Those who have had previous Russian language training in high school or who have a heritage language background in Russian can enter the Russian Flagship track at their current proficiency level, in accordance with the results of a proficiency exam (AP Russian exam or proficiency exam at Bryn Mawr College).

Example of an Academic Plan

The following information represents an curriculum plan for those who have had no previous Russian language training prior to entering the Russian Flagship program. 

Level One Courses:
Russian 001 and 002*:  Beginning Intensive Russian (Novice to Intermediate Low)

Level Two Courses:
Russian 101 and 102*:  Intermediate Intensive Russian (Intermediate Low to Intermediate Mid)

Level Three Courses:
Russian 201 and 202*:  Advanced Russian: a Content-Based Approach (Intermediate Mid to Intermediate High)
Russian 235:  The Social Dynamics of Russian
Russian 380: Seminar in Russian Culture

Level Three Plus Courses (Optional Summer):
Russian 350 and 351:  Contemporary Russian Language and Media through Summer Overseas Flagship in Russia in cooperation with American Councils

Level Four Courses:
Russian 350 and 351; Russian 375 and 376; and additional content courses during semester or Junior Year Abroad in Russia in cooperation with American Councils (Intermediate High to Advanced Mid/High)

Domestic Flagship Capstone Course:
Russian 390 and 391:  Russian for Pre-Professionals (Advanced Mid/High to Superior Low)

Overseas Flagship Capstone Course:
Russian Overseas Flagship in St. Petersburg, Russia
Internship 8-10 hours per week

*Offered during academic year and at the Russian Language Institute


To Apply to the Bryn Mawr Russian Flagship Program, Click the Link Below:

Language Flagship Academic Plan application for current students


Core Faculty and Staff of the Russian Language Flagship at Bryn Mawr College

Professor Dan E. Davidson
Professor of Russian and SLA, Bryn Mawr College
Director of the Eurasian Flagship

Professor Tim Harte

Chair, Department of Russian, Bryn Mawr College
Co-Director, Bryn Mawr Russian Flagship

Dr. Irina Walsh
Lecturer, Department of Russian, Bryn Mawr College
Co-Director, Bryn Mawr Russian Flagship

Ms. Billie Jo Ember

Coordinator, Bryn Mawr Russian Flagship

Dr. Marina Rojavin

Lecturer, Bryn Mawr Russian Flagship