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Reasons to study Russian at Bryn Mawr College

Bryn Mawr's Russian program will immerse you in the country's rich culture, language, literature, history, politics, and business. Many of our graduates have gone on to a variety of careers involving Russian at professional organizations such as the NSA and American Councils (ACTR/ACCELS) or have gone on to graduate programs in law, business, literature, political science, and economics. For more details on our program, please see at our undergraduate program requirements and opportunities page.

In addition, Russnet lists many reasons why you should study Russian.

Some of Our Departmental Offerings:

SUMMER COURSES: All students may take advantage of intensive immersion language courses offered during the summer through the Bryn Mawr Russian Language Institute.

STUDY ABROAD: All students interested in Russian are encouraged to pursue advanced language study in Russia on summer, semester, or year-long academic programs through American Councils.

PRE-PROFESSIONAL RUSSIAN AT BRYN MAWR: The department has recently implemented a course— Russian for Pre-Professionals—designed for students who have returned from study abroad in Russia. This course serves as a capstone to the overall language course sequence and is designed to develop linguistic and cultural proficiency in Russian to the "advanced level", preparing students to carry out sophisticated academic study or research in Russian in a professional field.

OTHER ACADEMIC-YEAR RUSSIAN OPPORTUNITIES: During the academic year, students have the opportunity to live in the Russian area of Haffner Language Halls. They also have the option to participate in weekly Russian tables and various Russian Club activities, such as our year-end Evening of Russian Culture.

Undergraduate Q&A:

Why did you decide to come to Bryn Mawr College?
What attracted you to the Department of Russian?
When, how, and why did you become a Russian major?

Student 1: "I came to Bryn Mawr because it's an environment where it's comfortable to be serious about one's studies. And, it's a great place to live for 4 years. I wanted to study Russian before I came here. I decided to become a Russian major because I was impressed by how much attention I got from the department."

Student 2:  "I fell in love with the architecture of the buildings, and Bryn Maw offers Peace and Conflict Studies as an option for a major or concentration. I needed a language requirement. I fell in love with the language--it's like a secret code that many people here don't speak."

Student 3:  "After visiting Bryn Mawr, I was certain that this was where I belonged. The people were friendier than at any of the other colleges I had visited. I loved the campus and Rockefeller dorm. It just fit. It was more of a feeling than a list of reasons. I met a [Russian Department] graduate student at the Academic Fair during custom's week. He was so enthusiastic that I agreed to come to the first class just to make him happy. Then I hung around because I loved the language. I declared [a Russian major] after freshman year. I am double majoring in math and Russian in hopes that I can work for the CIA or some intelligence group doing code breaking using my math background and Russian, Arabic, Urdu, and Spanish (the other languages I have studied). I enjoy Russian and, as you can tell, I love to study foreign languages."


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