Theses and Dissertations

M.A. Thesis Titles

"The Effects of Study Abroad on the Discourse Structure of Student OPI Speech"
David Stephan

"Language Planning in Ukraine Today: Historical Background and Current Problems"
Natalia Shevchenko

"Zero Gain at the 1+ Level of Russian Language"
Kimberly Fedchak

"The Top Ten Reasons to Study Russian: Student Motivation for Language Learning and Implications for Enrollments "
Heather Smith

"Group Dynamics and Study Abroad: Theory and Practical Applications "
Erik Blender

"Second Language Writing: An Examination of Barriers and Strategies in Russian Composition"
Keeta Martin

"Russian Proverbs as a Means of Improving Intercultural Communication "
Natalia Vaniouchkina

"The One-Stem Verb System Interactive Tutorial for Adult Learners of Russian at the Post-Elementary Learning Stages"
Laruen Warner

"All for One-Stem and One-Stem for All?"
Joe Busnengo

"Language Gain during Study Abroad in Russia: Ten Years after the Predictors Study "
Katarzyna Janicka

"The Subjective Worlds of Eurasian Youth: Conceptions of Power, Success, Freedom and Private Property"
Jennifer York

"Meaningless Games/Meaningful Outcomes: Towards a Theory of Game Design to Promote Automaticity in Second Language Acquisition"
Mark Baugher

"The Ethnic Self-Identification of Heritage Speakers of Russian in the United States"
Evgeny Dengub

"Accommodating the Other: Interpersonal Communication in the Republic of Moldova
Irina Dubinina

Ph.D. Dissertation Titles

"The Semantics of Grammatical Aspect in the Interlanguage of American College Students of Russian: An Analysis of Oral Proficiency Interviews Before and After Study-Abroad"
Mark Boots-Ebenfield

"Social and Psychological Factors Affecting Spontaneous Second Language Use during Study Abroad: A Qualitative Study"
Valerie Pellegrino

"Aspect and the Teaching of Russian: An Empirical Study of Aspectual Usage of Russian Verbs in the Post Tenser"
Valentina Abdel-Rahim-Soboleva

"The Ontogenesis of Grammar: An Empirical Study of the Nature, Place and Role of Formulaic Language in Russian Foreign Language Learning"
Andrea Nelson

"Identification of Salient Linguistic and Metalinguistic Variables in the Prediction of Oral Proficiency Gain at the Advanced-Level Threshold among Adult Learners of Russianr"
Ewa Golonka

"Post-Soviet Language Policy and the Language Utilization Patterns of Kyivan Youth: Case Study of a Bilingual Society in Transition"
Camelot Marshall

"Russian Second Language Acquisition during Study Abroad: Gender Differences in Student Behavior"
Sarah Mathews

"Interlanguage Pragmatics in Russian: A Study of the Effects of Study Abroad and Proficiency Levels on Request Strategies"
Jeanette Owen

"The Interlanguage Pragmatic Competence of Classroom-based Learners of Russian: "Ponimaesh', k tebe takoe delo"
Victor Frank

"First Language Transfer and Target Language Proficiency: An Analysis of English-Base-Langauge Learners of Russian"
Natalia Hayes

"Language Death or Language Survival: Assessing Language Choice and Utilization among Contemporary Belarusian University-Age Students"
Newell (Tony) Brown

"Preserving Heritage Languages as a Viable Resource in the United States: An Assessment of the Russian Language Environment in Philadelphia"
Sharon Bain

"Interlanguage Pragmatics in the Speech of American Second Language Learners of Russian: Apologies Offered by Americans in Russian"
Maria Shardakova

"Proverbial Language and Its Role in Acquiring a Second Language and Culture"
Natalia Vanyushkina-Holt

"New Russian Frontiers: An Empirical Investigation of Russian Interlanguage at the Superior Level"
Kimberly Fedchak