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Lucy Macdonald Anderson '64: Investigating the Mechanisms of Tumorigenesis
Anna Christina Balazs '75: Investigating Interactions in Polymer Blends
Ursula Bartels '79: Working at the Nexus of Law and Science
Barbara Beck '68: Assessing Environmental Health Risks
Genevieve Bell '90, M.A. '92: A Cultural Perspective on Technology
Marie Antonia Bernard '72: A Holistic Approach to Geriatric Care
Robin Boyar '90: Market Research in Converging Spaces
Irena Y. Bronstein '67: Creating New Luminescent Tools
Nancy L. R. Bucher '35: A Long Life Devoted to Science
Barbara Cellarius '85: Living Off the Land
Angela Man-Wei Cheung '84: Exploring Health Care from Two Angles
Anna Rose Childress, M.A. '76, Ph.D. '79: Brain Studies Yield Clues to Desire and Motivation
Cathryn M. Clary '75: Combining the Liberal Arts, Medicine and Business
Hollis Cline '77: Tracking the Development of the Brain
Carolyn Cohen '50: Understanding Life by Understanding Proteins
Carolyn Compton '69: Combining Science and Medicine in Pathology
Terri Cornelison '81: One Woman At A Time
Nancy Craig '73: Understanding Gene Functions Through Mutation
Claire Ross Cronmiller '74: Innovative Lectures Engage Students' Interest
Ellen Shaw de Paredes '74: Mammography Pioneer Sees Eye to Eye with Patients
Ramatoulaye Diallo '98: Investing in Africa
S.E. Roian Egnor '90: The Power of Voice
Ayse Erzan '70: Elucidating Universal Principles in Complex Systems
Barbara Fox '78: At the Intersection of Need, Science and Market
Judith A. Fox '78: Advancing New Drug Development
Katharine G. Frase '79: A Life in Balance
Stephanie Fried '82: Making Distant Voices Heard
Mindy Thompson Fullilove '71: Understanding the Psychology of Place
Dana H. Gabuzda '79: Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms of AIDS
Nora Garrote '80: Protecting Creations of the Human Mind
Katharine Blodgett Gebbie '57: High-Flying Physicist
Judith H. Greenberg, Ph.D. '72: Exploring the Fundamental Mechanisms of Inheritance and Development
Priscilla Perkins Grew '62: A Woman of Many Firsts
Naomi J. Hallas, M.A. '84, Ph.D. '86: Broad Collaborations on Small-Scale Research
Emily Hammer '06: Envisioning Ancients Spaces, Virtually
Susan J. Hayflick '80: The Moment of Discovery
Gail W. Hearn '64: Preserving Biodiversity on Biko Island
Jacqueline N. Hewitt '80: Exploring the Origins of the Universe
Jamie Higgins '98: Doing the Math on Wall Street
Susan Band Horwitz '58: Discovering How Taxol Works
Beryl A. Howell '78: Practicing at the Intersection of Law, Policy and Technology
Denise Kandel '52: The Gateway Hypothesis of Substance Abuse
Barbara Kanegsberg '67: How Clean Is Clean?
Karen E. Kerr '89: Formula for Success in Venture Capital
Sue Y. S. Kimm '60: Confronting Famine Abroad and Obesity at Home
Chapurukha (Chap) Makhoka Kusimba, M.A. '89, Ph.D. '93: Giving Voice to the “Silenced”
Kenneth Laws, Ph.D. '62, and Priscilla Laws, Ph.D. '68: The Lawses of Physics
Marguerite Stein Lederberg '57: Pioneering in the Field of Psycho-Oncology
Angela T. Lee '89: Google Search for "Work Life Balance"
Carol Linden '70: Protecting the Nation From Terrorism
Barrie Lurie, Ph.D. '75: Taking IT to New Levels
Jacqueline A. MacDonald '86: Connecting Environmental Science and Public Policy
Anna K. Mapp '92: Exploring Biological Questions Through Organic Synthesis
Eleni A. Markakis '87: Making New Neurons With Stem Cells
Donna Mildvan '63: Battling AIDS on the Front Lines
Karen Barnes Mitchell '83: A Physician for All Ages
Patricia M. Mooney, Ph.D. '72: Making Faster Computer Chips
George Morrow, M.A. '77: Climbing Steep Learning and Growth Curves in Biotech and Pharmaceuticals
Valerie Oke '88: How Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow
Elaine Surick Oran '66: Using Computers to Explore the Universe
Jill Dill Pasteris '74: Putting It All Together
Jerilynn Radcliffe '70: Studying Disease Effects in Underserved Youths
Kimberly Rask '80: Effecting Change in the Healthcare System
Zeba Azizali Rasmussen '76: Advocating for Children
Pamela Choi Redfern '90: Eco-Friendly Design
Janice (Ginny) Redish '63: User-Focused Communication
Carol Shoshkes Reiss '72: Investigating Infections from Multiple Perspectives
Ellen C. Riemer '85: Increasing Knowledge About Disease Processes
W. Sue Ritter, M.A. '71, Ph.D. '73: Metabolic Controls of Feeding Behavior
Judith D. (Schaffel) Rubin '64: A Life in Medicine
Natalie R. Sacks '86: Changing the Cancer Treatment Paradigm
Christine Nai-Mei Sang '84: Improving Patients' Quality of Life Through Pain Relief
Dijana Sarzinski '05: Testifying to Atrocity
Shobita Satyapal '87: When Galaxies Collide
Sunita Satyapal '85: Making the Hydrogen Car Viable
Monica Schoch-Spana '86: Bioterrorism — From the Abstract to the Concrete
Christine St. Andre '72: Quality Management in Health-Care Settings
Jean Hebb Swank '61: Measuring Cosmic X-ray Fireworks
Ann Marie Thro '71: Seeds of Change
Nancy Goodman Torpey '74: Developing a Corporate R&D Career
Joanna Dehaven Underwood '62: Tackling Environmental Challenges
Ann Platt Walker '68: Helping Patients Cope with Complexities
Ann Wehrle '78: Probing the Evolution of Galaxies
Sarah Underhill Wisseman, M.A. '76, Ph.D. '81: Unwrapping Secrets of the Ancient World
Abigail Youngblood '01: Growing Interest in Agriculture