Alena Klindziuk

Mentor: Xuemei May Cheng

Determining the Characteristics of Nanostructured Magnetic Materials

Nanomaterials are materials whose structural elements have dimensions of size varying from a nanometer up to a micrometer. Nanostructured magnetic materials are an interest of study because they exhibit numerous unique and useful properties that can be utilized to study fundamental physics and applied to technologies such as data storage, energy storage and sensors among many others. Properties like the structure and composition of the nanomaterial influence its physical and chemical characteristics. By varying these parameters and analyzing corresponding properties, scientists can select the materials with necessary characteristics for the development of a particular device.  My research will involve fabrication of nanostructured materials of varying parameters, with a particular focus on analyzing and cataloguing their properties. Photolithography and sputtering techniques will be used to fabricate the materials, atomic force microscopy (AFM) will be used to image the structures, while  vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) will be used to analyze their magnetic properties. The long term objective of this research is to create waveguides that can be used in electronics.