Clare Allsopp-Shiner, Leyla Fahim, Carrie Filion
Dr. Michael Schulz

Black Hole Greybody Factors in Schwarzchild Spacetime

The goal of our project is to calculate the greybody factor of black holes in Schwarzchild spacetime. Black holes radiate the full thermal spectrum near the event horizon, and the amount that the observed radiation differs from this perfect spectrum is referred to as the greybody factor. The radiation created at the event horizon is referred to as Hawking radiation and is a result of quantum effects. Only a small portion of the Hawking radiation that is created will travel past the event horizon, largely due to the extremal geometry surrounding the black hole. Our research will focus on determining how much of the Hawking radiation created at the event horizon will travel outwards to infinity, i.e. how much will be able to tunnel out of the event horizon into the space beyond. In order to determine this, we will calculate the effective potential utilizing the Klein-Gordon Equation in Schwarzchild spacetime and then we will calculate transmission coefficient and the potential of tunneling through this potential. Calculating the tunneling potential and how the radiation at infinity differs from the perfect thermal spectrum emitted helps us further our understanding about black holes and their radiation. This is also applicable to the holography principle.