Dina Benedetto
Dr. Douglas Blank
Computer Science

Janx: The Educational Robot

The educational system has a lack of providing a hands-on projects that cooperate the basics of computer science and its relation to the real world. By documenting the steps of this research project and procuring a tutorial of how to construct, build, and write simple code, students will have the opportunity to explore the different fields of Computer Science.

Issues being solved: People are oblivious the different features that robots can provide, such as responding to various situations. Therefore, this research will focus on providing users with ways to understand the logic behind feedback, utilizing the surrounding environment.

The design will focus on having a minimalistic figure with maximum performance. The robot, named Janx, will be a picture capturing moving robot. As a robot, Janx will include a variety of features, such as the ability to measure the surrounding temperature, and providing computer feedback to the user.  Janx will consist of three 3D printed wheels and base, will have 2 motors, a camera, a temperature sensor, and a controlling unit. For the purpose of this research project, the controlling unit will be an Arduino board.

The hardware construction: Janx will have a triangular chassis. Two of three 3D printed wheels will be mounted on motor shafts at the back two edges of the triangle. Wires will be connecting the two motors to the board. The third 3D printed wheel will be a free floating wheel (like a shopping cart wheel), pinned to the front of the triangle. The camera will be mounted to the front of the triangle, adjacent to the temperature sensor.

The software construction:The base code will be written in Java Programming Language with a help of Arduino Software (IDE). The code will include functions that move, steer, capture video, capture pictures, and sense surrounding temperature, as well as the code necessary to provide the various feedback to the user.

Why is this useful? The final outcome of the research can be used in different schools to spike and introduce students to a new component of Computer Science. Not only will students learn how to build a robot, write code, but will also be able to implement their own ideas into the real world.