Emma Palitz

Mentor: Professor Anjali Thapar

Department of Psychology


The current study aims to examine the role of individual differences in episodic memory performance in 50-75 young adults (YAs) – ages 18-30. Frontal lobe (FL) and medial-temporal lobe (MTL) functioning will be assessed using a neuropsychological battery to characterize YAs into low and high functioning groups. An EEG cap will measure event-related potentials (ERPs) during the study phase of a recognition memory task.


The ERPs and the associated behavioral data will be analyzed to see: a) if there are reliable differences in ERPs for items that were subsequently remembered vs. forgotten; and b) if there are reliable between-group differences in recognition memory performance between high and low functioning YAs. A variety of statistical techniques – t-tests and factorial ANOVAs – will be employed to further elucidate the aforementioned differences. Few studies have examined encoding ERPs, making the present study particularly relevant for establishing the timing and placement of neural signatures of recognition memory at encoding.