Emmeline Douglas-Mann
Advisor: David Schaffner
Department: Physics

Construction of a Pulse-Forming Network

A plasma gun source requires the construction of a pulse-forming network (PFN) of capacitors. This circuit, consisting of 8 0.5mF capacitors and 8 inductors of optimised inductance, would give an ideal pulse with just sufficient current for plasma ejection over an extended period of time. This would make it possible to generate sustained plasma injection for studying turbulence. The first stage of construction is to design the PFN using LTSpice, and use simulations of current over time to determine the optimal magnitudes and combination of inductances that result in a long pulse of constant current. After simulating the network, it will be possible to construct it in the laboratory. A typical appropriate combination of inductances is expected to result in a flat current pulse that lasts for almost 300 microseconds.