Name: Ilisha Ramachandran
Advisor: Douglas Blank
Department: Computer Science

Sustainable living through technology

Development environments for Maker related boards such as the Raspberry Pi and Intel Edison can be fairly challenging to setup and use. This setup becomes even more challenging in an educational context. The aim of this project is to make these development environments more accessible and more effective for students and teachers by using a readily available, open source board such as the Intel Edison and explore building "real world" projects. I have chosen an Environmental Sensing project which includes tracking water usage and correlating that with temperature, humidity, and various other sensors. This is in an attempt to increase awareness about living a more sustainable lifestyle. The end goal of this project is not specifically to demonstrate the end use case, but to explore using different development tools, languages and online services. The actual end goal of the project will be to make concrete recommendations on “preferred” tool chains and platforms to enable students and teacher to rapidly develop projects and lesson plans. We will also provide a library for students to access and program different sensors through a web-based system.