Prakhya Malyala
Advisor: Professor Douglas Blank
Department: Computer Science

TypeScript : Enhancing the Web’s Popular Language

 My overarching goal is to be able to implement the TypeScript language so that it can assist Computer Science educators and projects such as robot development, sensory measure of water use, and the control system of deep learning. I want TypeScript to be used to teach introductory computer science courses and to be used in computer science projects. TypeScript is a programming language released by Microsoft in 2012 that will be built into all browsers. TypeScript adds classes to JavaScript and compiles into JavaScript, which most websites employ. I aim to become an expert on the difference between JavaScript and TypeScript and how the use of the latter enhances the programming experience. I am using a hands-on approach to code different programs in the web browser. I am first creating a TypeScript notebook on the college’s Jupyter installation, a platform for interactive computing in multiple programming languages. The notebook is a JSON document with an ordered list of input and output cells which can have code, text, animation, games, graphs, and more. I will then help connect TypeScript to an API framework that we will build. API stands for application program interface and is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software. It specifies how software components should interact. This framework will tie different projects relating to artificial intelligence, simulation, and robotics research with a central protocol and system. TypeScript should be implementable to the web framework and used in the browser itself. I hypothesize that TypeScript is a current and efficient language that will augment the experience of coding with javascript, one of the three core technologies of World Wide Web content production. If this language is successfully usable with different projects, then it will benefit the computer science program at Bryn Mawr College. I test to see how the language can be used to complete the different projects and be integral to the API framework.

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