Sarah Awad
Dr. Dustin Albert
Psychology Department

Parenting Across Cultures: Normative Parenting and the Development of Executive Functions in Children

Executive functioning refers to the cognitive functions involved in the control and coordination of attention, behavior, thoughts, and/or emotions to carry out goal-oriented actions. While research has investigated the maturation and development of executive functions in children, few studies have explored the influence of environmental factors, like parenting, that may contribute to individual differences in development. In addition, there is a notable lack of cross-cultural research evaluating whether parenting influences on the development of executive functions are culturally specific or universal. The present study investigates children’s executive functioning and parenting behaviors in 10-year-old children of 1297 families in nine countries (China, Columbia, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Philippines, Sweden, Thailand, United States). In our analyses, we will evaluate unique and interactive effects of parenting and culture on the development of executive functions.