Summer 2011 Careers

2011 Summer Science Research Program
Career Day Speakers


Alice Harding: Astrophysics Science Division
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Alice Harding has been an Astrophysicist in the Astrophysics Science Division at Goddard Space Flight Center since 1980, after receiving a Ph.D from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in 1979. Her interests include pulsars, highly magnetized neutron stars (magnetars), gamma-ray bursts and supernova remnants. She has been modeling gamma-ray pulsars for 30 years and wrote one of the first papers in this field. She is a fellow of the American Physical Society and was awarded a NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement for her work in 1994. Presently a member of the Fermi collaboration, she served as science coordinator for Galactic Sources from 2007 –2009


Melanie Wallace

Melanie Wallace: Senior Series Producer

Currently the Senior Series Producer for NOVA, Melanie Wallace serves as the driving force behind NOVA’s partners. She is involved with all aspects of production and is constantly searching for new innovative ideas to enhance science literacy and highlight the role NOVA plays in the USA. Before her position as a Senior Series Producer, Melanie served as a staff producer/director and wrote, directed and supervised numerous programs and series for NOVA and WGBH. She is frequently asked to lecture about NOVA's productions in universities in the US as well as in other countries.



Nancy Craig: Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics at the Johns Hopkins UniversitySchool of Medicine

Ever since the 1980s, molecular biologist and geneticist, Nancy Craig has always been fascinated by a particular molecular process in which discrete DAN moves from one donor site within the gene and into another target site. Not only is she interested in the process by which transposable elements move, however, but her research also delves deeply into the various roles that genome evolution can transpire. Her studies in transposable elements enhances her understanding of HIV so that she may find better solutions to combat ADIS(better help AIDS patients) and her profound connections between gene therapy and evolution also enables her to help improve Medicare. Nancy Craig is currently the Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics at the Johns Hopkins UniversitySchool of Medicine