2013 Summer Science Research Program
Summer, 2013

Undergraduate research initiatives are central to the College's approach to science education. All science majors are encouraged to conduct mentored research projects during the summer and/or academic year, and each year over 50% of all science majors do so. Students receive stipends for summer research and academic credit for research performed in the junior and senior years. Since 1989, each summer the College has provided 35+ students with ten-week research stipends to conduct independent research under the guidance of Bryn Mawr faculty members in the sciences and mathematics. The summer program is enriched by professional development workshops and a poster session at which students present their research to the college community.

Information will be posted soon about activities, speakers and events for this summer.


Summer Science Research 2013

Summer Program Calendar

The Ann Lutes Johnson Visiting Speaker Series will include talks by invited scientists in the Ely Room at Wyndham, with receptions to follow. All talks will be scheduled for 4:00 pm, visitor schedules allowing.


May 28                           Program Start Date

June 3                            Program Orientation and Lab Safety Training

June 10                         Seminar:  Jessica Meir, Ph.D.

                                                    Harvard Catalyst and MGH

June 10                         Student Abstracts Due, Moodle submission

July 2                            Seminar: Jayatri Das, Ph.D.

                                                     Chief Bioscientist, Franklin Institute

July 17                           Pew research seminar (optional event)

July 18                           Seminar: Shu Yang, Ph.D.

                                                     Chemical and Biomolecular Eng., U Penn

July 22                             Field Trip:  Franklin Institute +Testing Zone

August 2                          Program End Date

August 23                         Student Posters Due, Moodle submission

September 20                   Poster Session


Participants and their Research:


Sarah Ames & Tiannan Zhan

Jessica Arbon

Paige De Rosa

Michelle Dearolf

Aimee Heerd

Emily Mobus

Nawar Naseer

Emily Mobus

Esha Ray

Ekaterina Vlasova

Han Wang


Amy Chen

Alexandra Friant

Katie Guye

Julia Heer

Terry huh

Rachael Kahelin

Anna Kalinsky

Alexandra Kirsch

Alicia Makepeace

Maria Nam

Eunyoung Park

Tiffany Sheng

Janielle Vidal

Computer Science

Shohini Bhattasali

Jia Li

Hannah Organick

Kriti Shrestha



Fern Beetle-Moorcroft

Robin Chernow

Emily Garcia

Sarah Glass

Grace Klinges

Danyelle Phillips

Nancy Toure


Betsy Biernat

Samantha Lopez

Jessie Tang

Sophie Zhao


Wenqi Duan

Rachel Feynman

Bingqing Li


Grace Ewing

Leigh Kloss

Lauren Malamed

Susu Zhang