Summer Science Research Program
Summer, 2015

Undergraduate research initiatives are central to the College's approach to science education. All science majors are encouraged to conduct mentored research projects during the summer and/or academic year, and each year over 50% of all science majors do so. Students receive stipends for summer research and academic credit for research performed in the junior and senior years. Since 1989, each summer the College has provided 35+ students with ten-week research stipends to conduct independent research under the guidance of Bryn Mawr faculty members in the sciences and mathematics. The summer program is enriched by professional development workshops and a poster session at which students present their research to the college community.

Summer Science Research 2015

Summer Program Calendar

The Ann Lutes Johnson Visiting Speaker Series will include talks by invited scientists, with receptions to follow. All seminars will be scheduled for 4:00 pm, visitor schedules allowing.


June 1 Program Start Date--Orientation
June 3 or 9 Lab Safety Training: Part I
June 4 or 10 Lab Safety Training: Part II
June 8

Seminar: Danielle Bassett, Ph.D.

"Your Brain: an Ever-Changing Network"

June 12 Student Abstracts Due
July 16

Seminar: Erica Stone, Ph.D.

The Wistar Institute

July 21

Workshop: Matt Ruben, Ph.D.

Public Speaking Initiative, Bryn Mawr College

July 28 Seminar: Maiken Scott, WHYY
August 7 Program End Date
August 24 Student Posters Due
August 31 Research Summary Due
September 18 Poster Session

Participants and their Research:


Erin Bonner

Lyntana Brougham

Thanchanok Chaiprasit

Megan Guntrum

Nicole Hamagami

Gemma Johnson

Sara King

Maho Okumura

Holly Senebandith

Wenzhi Song

Kristian Sumner

Chloe Thangavelu

Maritza Vazquez-Trejo


Eri Arai

Shorouk Badir

Naomi Chebet

Nanding Chen

Jie Cheng

Alexandra Nagelski

Margaret Patchin

Hamna Shahnawaz

Shreekari Tadepalli

Qingzhao Zhang

Shengjia Zhu

Computer Science

Leqi Liu

Keiwei Qu

Ziyan Yang


Cristian Clothier

Celeste Gambino

Claire Johnson


Sarina Shrestha

Ziyi Yan

Yuping Zhai


Lauren Dana

Hayley Johnson

KyungIn Kim

Chenyue Li

Zhongying Yan


Josette Graves

Sherry Yueyi Jiang

Clara Kaufmann

Michelle Manning

Emma Palitz