Renewable energy from source like solar and wind power has been the topic of much debate for years, and continues to be a topic of much interest as the U.S. continues to look towards developing a more sustainable energy plan for the future. My research will focus on modeling the power production of wind turbines. Factors that I will be looking at include the physical characteristics of the wind turbine itself, such as the blade length, height, and shape of the wind turbine. This will include comparing the power production of helical wind turbines against the more commonly seen bladed design. Other factors that will affect the power production of wind turbines, but which are not part of the turbine design itself, include how and where the turbines are placed. This includes both how the turbines are spaced if there is more than one in an area, and in what geographic location they are placed, which will affect the wind speeds that the wind turbine will see. As a culminating project to the several components I will be looking at, I will investigate, using mathematical modeling, what a wind farm in Pennsylvania should look like if it were to produce as much energy as a typical coal or nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania produces.