MapsData Visualization on Maps
Mentor: Professor Deepak Kumar

Data have been recognized as ubiquitous resources which can be processed to provide new innovations and insights. Nowadays, Data are everywhere and information overload becomes an issue. In order to make sense of large, abstract and complexly structured data sets, one needs well-designed interactive visualization tools to understand and to explore data.

The major discipline in data visualization is to develop effective visualization techniques while geographic data visualization is an important topic in cartography.  The efficient combination of information visualization and cartography will allow users to discover new patterns.  By melding skills of computer science, statistics, and design, I will focus on developing new ways to present data in this research.  The program will assist users to explore a relatively large set of data with better understanding of the connections that matter.

More specifically, I will design a program to visualize meteorites impacts on Earth by using massive databases from the Meteoritical Society.  I will use data from 2500BC to 2013.  The data set contains 45, 717 entries, one for each meteorite imapct.  Data for each meteorite contains 15 characteristics including name, data, mass, location, and etc.  I will also integrate interactive aspects in this program.  The main question I am exploring in this project is whether there is a correlation between the mass of meteorites and geographical location of impacts.