Kinetic Studies of Cross-coupling of Arylacylsilanes with Bromobenzene

Alicia Makepeace


Two reaction pathways will be monitored via kinetic studies over the course of the summer: the formation of substituted benzophenones via palladium catalysis and the competitive hydrolysis of arylacylsilanes into benzaldehyde. The first reaction couples bromobenzene and arylacylsilanes with varied substituents on the silane under set conditions and with a palladium catalyst (Pd/L). The unwanted formation of benzaldehyde will be monitored under the same conditions in the absence of the palladium catalyst. Monitoring of the competitive reaction is of consequence because the optimal conditions include 4 equivalents of water, which under basic conditions contributes to the hydrolysis of benzaldehyde. The ultimate goal is to determine which arylacylsilane affords the greatest conversion to product with the least conversion to benzaldehyde.