Kriti Shrestha

Mentor: Professor Dianna Xu

Summer Science Research 2013 – Computer Science

Data visualization



Data visualization is the study and technique of presenting parsed data in an accessible and visually appealing manner. My project in data visualization works on data collected from the Office of Admissions and the Office of the Registrar of Bryn Mawr College. The objective of the project is to present data on what career paths Bryn Mawr graduates choose to pursue, in conjunction with what department they majored in while at Bryn Mawr.

I will start my project by collecting and filtering data from the offices at Bryn Mawr College. This will mainly involve sorting data on the number of students majoring in individual departments at the college, and then categorizing the students based on their career paths or area of further studies after the completion of their undergraduate degree.  I will then create a visual representation of this data using Processing. Processing is an Integrated Development Environment and a programming language built on Java.

Throughout the course of my project, I hope to learn new visual tools and techniques in Processing. I will focus on incorporating visual elements to make the available data easy to understand.  My project will enable me to use programming to implement a visual method that relays information effectively.