Undergraduate Summer Science Research Program
May - August, 2006

Undergraduate research initiatives are central to the College's approach to science education. All science majors are encouraged to conduct mentored research projects during the summer and/or academic year, and each year over 50% of all science majors do so. Students receive stipends for summer research and academic credit for research performed in the junior and senior years. Since 1989, each summer the College has provided 35+ students with ten-week research stipends to conduct independent research under the guidance of Bryn Mawr faculty members in the sciences and mathematics. The summer program is enriched by professional development workshops and a poster session at which students present their research to the college community.



Date 2006
June 1

Safety Training


Note: (Lunch for students and their faculty mentors will follow Don's presentation in the Cloisters.)

Don Abramowitz

Lab Safety 9:30-12:00

General Safety 9:30-10:30

Lab/Chemical Safety 10:45-12:00

June 15

Science Communication Series

Science Writing & Poster Design

Laura Blankenship


1p.m. - 4 p.m.

With a short Break

June 28

Career Day (link to speakers)

Guest speakers from industry, business, academia,

Geoff Falen and Peter Brodfuehrer

Career Day

2p.m. - 4:00p.m.


July 13

Ethics/Lab Survival Skills Workshop (click to see the schedule)

Karen Greif

9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Lunch in the Cloisters

July 25
Career and Resume Workshop
Geoff Falen
1 p.m. -2:30 p.m.
Sept. 7
Poster Session
Mentors, & Students
3p.m. - 5p.m.

Survival Skills and Ethics Workshop
by Karen Greif (July 11th, 2007 )


9:30-10:15 am

What do you need for success in science?

We will discuss the skills (and some personal attributes) for success in science. It’is not enough to be a good researcher
10:15-11:00 am

The lab research experience: What are you learning?

(Group discussion)

This summer may be your first research experience. Everyone will have a chance to reflect on his/her own discoveries. What has surprised you and how does this change your perception of how science is done?
11:00-11:15 am

Break---Go check those experiments!

11:15-12:00 noon

Cat got your tongue? Learning to give oral presentations

We will break into small groups for impromptu “speechifying”—the Toastmasters way! It’s fun—and good practice.

12:00-1:00 pm

Research ethics over lunch

We will discuss a sample case involving research ethics. Each table will have a facilitator to help you explore a complex issue


Guest Speakers for Career Day
(Click on Names for Biographies)

Place of Employment
Major at Bryn Mawr College

Phoebe Leboy


Professor of Biochemisty


University of Pennsylvania

Sharine Wittkopp



Pre-Med. BMC

Previously worked for GlaxoSmithKline



Bryn Mawr College



sharinewittkopp [at] yahoo.com

Sonya Martin


Assistant Professor, Early and Elementary Childhood Education


Queens College-CUNY





Ginger Stringer


Senior Environmental Consultant
PA Small Business Development Center



Alice Ryan


Vice Principal
Eastern Regional High Schools
Eastern Camden County Regional School District, Voorhees, NJ
Political Science

Participants and their Research


Poster Session