Introducing ChemSW

chemicals and materials in lab

The Science Support Services Department (SSSD) and Environmental Safety (ES) are proud to announce the new chemical inventory system for Park Science chemical users — ChemSW.

A lot of hard work and persistence by Environmental Health and Safety Officer Donald Abramowitz, Science Instrument Specialist David Cheung, and an army of students resulted in logging and barcoding about 90 percent of the chemicals in Park. This work will continue to get the department as close to 100 percent as possible. With the support of the College Chief Administrative Office and the Office of the Provost, the system will be maintained by student workers and managed by David Cheung in Park 102.

ChemSW is a powerful software package that will allow SSSD to inventory, track, and produce reports easily and quickly. Once the material has been entered into the inventory system, a barcode label sticker will be placed on the container. ChemSW will be useful for locating and managing chemical stock. Users can check whether or not a material is available and monitor chemical levels to know when to reorder.

To learn more about ChemSW, download the instructions (PDF).