Chemical Ordering and Pick-up

Please adhere to the policies listed below:

1. The introduction of ChemSW has not altered current ordering policies. Orders still are placed in the same way — if you order through the Office of the Provost, please continue to do so.

2. Deliveries that come into the mailroom and will be received by someone in the Science Support Services Department (SSSD). PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE CHEMICAL PACKAGES UNTIL THEY HAVE BEEN INVENTORIED!

3. Boxes will be opened and containers removed* so they can be entered into ChemSW.

4. Bottles and containers will be labeled with a barcode.

5. Containers will be placed back into their shipping packages to ensure safe transfer to the lab.

6. Once inventoried, a box will be marked with a "check mark sticker."

7. By 1 p.m. daily, packages can be picked up in the mailroom.
Soon we will have cabinets for safer storage until pick-up; more information will be available when this happens.

* —Chemicals deemed too hazardous to be taken out of their packages will still get a barcode label, but the label will be taped to the outside of the shipping container. Once safely in the lab and opened in the appropriate conditions, please apply the barcode label on the bottle.