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Richard Willard
Director of Science Services, Machine and Instrument Shop

Engineering and Design

Doing something different and thinking outside the box is a normal day for us!

Nearly every piece of equipment the Science Support Services Department (SSSD) designs starts the same way. Faculty and/or students show up with an idea for something they need for their research and together we discuss the ideas by brainstorming on the whiteboard until the idea is ready to be rendered into a drawing.

supporting student design

We design and draw using a 3D software package to ensure most of the problems can be worked out before materials are wasted. It's not unusual to make several changes before the project is sent to the shop for construction. It is important to us that we provide our faculty and students with a product that meets their needs.

Design software used:

  • AutoCAD
  • SolidWorks 3D
  • CorelDraw
  • Pencil and paper
  • Whiteboard