Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services provides financial aid and student account services to help ensure students can meet their educational expenses. This includes determining eligibility for various types of funding and assisting with ways to pay for the cost of an education.

Bryn Mawr College students understand the value of a strong academic foundation and have dedicated significant time and effort to reaching their educational goals. The College recognizes, rewards, and reciprocates their efforts. For undergraduates, that means offering merit scholarships and meeting 100% of a student's demonstrated need.

Individuals and families face many challenges when making higher education decisions; much is to be considered. Recognizing that each student brings a unique set of circumstances to the decision-making process, Student Financial Services works to help you navigate the process and find attainable, affordable solutions.


Bryn Mawr College is “Green”

Bryn Mawr’s official method for sending student account billing statements is on-line by electronic billing, eBill.  Our third-party on-line processor is Nelnet Business Solutions, (NBS) for eBill, one-time ePayments for student accounts, (QuikPAY), and eCashier for the Automatic Monthly Payment Plan accessed through

Bryn Mawr College will only send bills to the student’s official Bryn Mawr College email address.

Please use the link below to find out how to:

        • Email your bill to others
        • Access electronic viewing of your bill
        • Make payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
        • Enroll in the Spring 2013 Monthly Payment Plan