Financial Aid Instructions

Transfers Applying to Enter in the Fall 2014

Indicate your intent to apply for financial aid on the Common Application and submit a completed financial aid application at the time you apply for admissions. If your financial aid application is complete, you will receive your award along with your admissions decision.  Bryn Mawr Grant will not be awarded to admitted Transfer students who did not state their intent to apply for aid and complete the financial aid application along with their admissions application.


Forms Deadlines Instructions

CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE

March 1, 2014 Along with your custodial parent, register your CSS/Financial aid PROFILE using Bryn Mawr College code #2049
Noncustodial PROFILE March 1, 2014 If your parents are divorced, separated, or have never been married, your noncustodial parent is required to complete and submit a Noncustodial PROFILE two weeks before the deadline. The Bryn Mawr College code is #2049.
Free Application
for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
March 1, 2014

Complete the online version of the FAFSA  using Bryn Mawr College code #003237. You and a custodial parent must sign your online FAFSA with a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Bryn Mawr encourages you to use the IRS Data Retrieval Process (IRDT) to simplify federal income tax data verification.

Report your social security number and legal name correctly. Without it the U.S. Department of Education cannot process your results.

2013 Parent and Student Tax Returns or Non-Filer Statements March 1, 2014 Full federal income tax returns are required to apply for institutional funds.  When you complete the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE the College Board will prompt you to submit 2013 federal tax returns or non-tax-filer statements to Bryn Mawr College using their Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) at no cost to you or your parents. Submit signed photocopies of all 2013 federal (no state) income tax returns, both business and personal, including all W-2 forms, statements, attachments and schedules for both custodial and noncustodial parents, all stepparents and applicant.