International Student Aid

Bryn Mawr College awards need-based financial aid on a competitive basis to international applicants who do not hold a U.S. passport, or are not permanent residents of the US. Financial aid at Bryn Mawr includes grants, loans and employment.

Eligibility is determined through a review of family financial information. The College uses formulas and guidelines developed and widely used by most of the country's leading colleges. A family’s ability to absorb college expenses over time is calculated. Once the review is complete, a family "expected family contribution" is established.

Important note for undergraduate applicants: Indicate your intent to apply for financial aid on the Common Application and submit a completed financial aid application at the time you apply for admissions. If your application is complete, you will receive your financial aid award along with your admissions decision. Bryn Mawr Grant will not be awarded to admitted International students who did not state their intent to apply for aid and complete the financial aid application along with their admissions application.