SJTP Steering Committee

This group meets weekly to discuss program initiatives, plan events, and maintain connections between the many facets of social justice work at Bryn Mawr. The committee is made up of faculty, staff, and students who have had experience as participants in cohorts and/or served as cohort facilitators. 

Cohort Liaisons:  Each committee member acts as a liaison to a few cohorts.  They are responsible for keeping in touch with their cohort's facilitators to ensure that the group has regular, well-attended meetings that feel productive and comfortable.  Cohort liaisons are a valuable resource for facilitators and help the committee identify any modifications that would make the SJTP experience better for all participants. 

Student Coordinator:  One student is responsible for making an agenda for committee meetings, sending weekly e-mails, leading organization and planning for events, and documenting the program's progress over the course of the year.  This student is compensated with a stipend. 

SJTP Cohorts

Cohorts can have anywhere from 5 to 8 members who meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to discuss global social justice topics and issues that arise on campus. Cohorts often find that as the year progresses, trust builds among members, and sessions become richer.  Participating in a cohort is the first and most important step to getting involved in SJTP. 

Focus cohorts:  Cohorts that have been together for a semester and find that they wish to explore one topic with more depth may choose to limit the scope of information that they discuss.  They may also choose to add a relevant element of service or action.  These cohorts will have guidance from the committee as to how they can progress into this structure from a general cohort structure.

Co-facilitators:  Experienced SJTP participants can, after a year, volunteer to co-facilitate a cohort with a staff or faculty member. Facilitators are responsible for organizing meetings, agendas, communicating with members, and leading a valuable, comfortable, and productive discussion. Facilitators might also organize field trips for service or special events.