Just Talk | A blog for the Bryn Mawr College Social Justice Partnership Program

SJTP Workshops

SJTP will have weekly meetings, every Thursday, in Dalton 01 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm beginning Thursday September 26. We encourage you to bring your own dinner, but snacks will also be provided. Once we become more comfortable as a group, we will attend a few other meetings with different affinity groups on campus for the various discussions and events. We also invite you to spread the word on SJTP!

During our meetings we will examine the dynamics of oppression to different marginalized groups and individuals. As a group we will develop strategies to foster positive change on campus and in throughout our communities off campus and participants will have a chance to explore their own identities and deepen their understanding of the extent of the impact of their identities.

We will work through facilitated activities and exercises along with small group dialogue. SJTP has as an additional goal helping participants develop skills of connectedness and leadership. We will do a number of activities throughout the semester, including service projects, but it really depends on the issues that participants feel are relevant and what we can do to broaden our understandings of each other, in turn to find more positive social connections and cohesiveness.

Contact: merichards@brynmawr.edu or szorokong@brynmawr.edu