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Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research

Like Bryn Mawr College as a whole, the GSSWSR is distinctive for its dedication to fine teaching, attentiveness to individual students, and high academic standards within a liberal arts tradition. Founded in 1915, the GSSWSR has from inception embraced scholarship, practice, and collaboration within a broad construction of social work and social welfare

The Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research values a critical understanding of social responsibility and purposeful, reasoned, and imaginative action in pursuit of a just and democratic world. Through its degree programs and continuing professional education, the School prepares students to work with diverse groups across disciplinary and professional boundaries and to flexibly apply their knowledge and skills across a wide range of settings for social work practice, education, and research.

The GSSWSR aspires to promote social justice and wellbeing through a variety of trans-disciplinary approaches to scholarship and practice appropriate to the complexity of social work and social welfare in the United States and internationally.

As one of the nation’s oldest academic social work programs, the Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research (GSSWSR) is part of a College with a long-standing, well respected dedication to both scholarship and social responsibility. The School’s philosophy and practice reflect the College’s Quaker roots, its historical concern for oppressed or marginalized groups, and a corresponding commitment to transforming the world for the better. We believe that human wellbeing, democracy, and human rights cannot flourish in the midst of dramatic economic disparities, and we encourage students to discover ways to address the issue of unequal opportunity. We also believe that, as social workers and thoughtful citizens of the world, our graduates must understand and approach problems from more than one perspective. Whether students specialize in clinical or community practice, they are encouraged to understand and value the interrelationships among the different kinds of professional social work.

The School provides a learning environment that is supportive and intellectually rigorous, encouraging critical and creative thinking and the expression of social work values through education in the classroom and the field, focused research, and active civic engagement in collaboration with community organizations and the College as a whole. In addition, the School promotes faculty scholarship and community service activities that further expand and refine social work knowledge and the development of service delivery systems,providing leadership in professional practice, policy, and research.


The GSSWSR believes very strongly that an educational program must prepare professional social workers with the requisite multidisciplinary knowledge, social work skills and values to provide leadership to address the rapidly growing and increasingly complex challenges impacting the biopsychosocial conditions of children and families with their communities, for a social just world.

By offering three degree programs - Master of Social Service (M.S.S.), Master of Social Service and Master of Public Health (M.S.S./M.P.H.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) - the GSSWSR makes it possible for students to experience and explore the full range of theories and skills necessary for today's social work practitioner, researcher, or academician. The program goals and objectives are ambitious yet aligned to exceed the multiple expectations placed on social work professionals.


The Master of Social Service program at Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, a specialized accrediting body recognized by the Commission on Recognition of Postsecondary Accreditation.

Program Assessment
Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research presented its Program Assessment process and findings, in its January 2008 Accreditation Materials for Reaffirmation, in response to the CSWE’s Educational Policy and Accreditation Standard (EPAS) #8, "Program Assessment and Continuous Improvement."

CSWE 2008 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (link)