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Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research

Master of Social Service and Master of Public Health (M.S.S./M.P.H.)

GSSWSR Students who opt to earn the MSS/MPH dual-degree are eligible to transfer up to 12 credits (3 MSS courses) into Jefferson’s MPH program. This reduces the number of credits required to complete the MPH program from the original 45 to 33 and reduces the cost of the MPH program by more than 25%.

The courses eligible for transfer include:

  • Research Informed Practice I/II (B503/B504)
  • Social Policy Foundations (B517)
  • Community Strategies and Assessment: Advocacy and Action (B508)
  • Multiculturalism and Diversity: Advanced Perspectives (B540)
  • Field Education III,IV (practicum) (B541/542)

MSS Students must have completed one full year of Field Education and all foundation classes.

  • Field Education I & II
  • Foundation Practice I & II
  • Research Informed Practice I & II
  • Theoretical Perspectives in Social Work I & II
  • Assessment and Psychopathology Across the Lifespan, or Community Strategies and Assessment: Advocacy and Action
  • Social Policy Foundations and Analysis

To satisfy the MPH Clerkship requirement, the MSS Field Education practicum (B541/542) will include at least 120 hours in a community-based initiative. JSPH will review the suitability of placement, but GSSWSR will secure the placements and provide supervision (preceptors) for them.

The one-year MPH schedule of courses consists of:

Fall Semester
Introduction to Public Health
Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health
Basic Public Health Statistics
US Health Care Organization and Delivery

Spring Semester
Fundamentals of Epidemiology
Fundamentals of Environmental Health
Health Research Methods
Public Health Policy & Advocacy

Summer Semester
Program Planning and Evaluation
Capstone Seminar
Capstone Project (development)