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Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research
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Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research


Leadership in social work over the next decade will depend on the level of professional skill and practice experience brought into the field by new graduates. The Master of Social Service program is a carefully balanced curriculum, in accordance with Bryn Mawr’s mission to explore the variety of roles open to social workers, in the depth required for professional practice, and with the flexibility needed for continual growth in a changing world.

The MSS program provides a carefully balanced curriculum that is designed to:

  • Promote the use of knowledge, values, and skills for social work leaders
  • Develop strong relationship, assessment, and intervention skills
  • Utilize an integrated perspective on theory, practice, policy, research, and ethics
  • Encourage self-reflection
  • Advance social justice
  • Foster a critical awareness of diversity and the social and cultural forces that impact individuals, families, organizations, and communities in both national and global contexts
  • Emphasize critical and creative thinking skills
  • Apply strategies to measure the effectiveness of practice
  • Create a learning community that is both challenging and supportive.


Bryn Mawr's Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research Master of Social Service (MSS) degree is equivalent in both licensure and use to the MSW degree.  The MSS program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.