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Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research

Doctor of Philosophy

Selected Titles of Recently Submitted Dissertations

The list below illustrates the breadth of dissertation topics pursued by recent students:

  • African American Male Youth Violence and Internalized Racism
  • “The Feelings of My Family Are with Me”: The Posttraumatic Coping of Adolescent Survivors of the Holocaust
  • Situating Child Care Concerns: Child Care Instability in Neighborhood and Policy Contexts
  • Growing Up in the Ownership Society: Exploring Links Between Housing Tenure and Adolescent Self-Perceptions
  • Examining TANF Sanction Policies: Who Gets Sanctioned and What Are the Effects?
  • When Friends Are Murdered: A Qualitative Study of the Experience, Meaning, and Implications for Identity Development of Older African-American Female Adolescents
  • The Low Down on the Down Low: An Investigation into the Discordance between Sexual Identity and Sexual Behavior
  • From Protagonists to Spectators and Back? The Legacy of the Chilean Military Dictatorship and Community Participation in La Pincoya